What Is the Waiting Period for a Divorce?

Waiting Period for a Divorce

Self Legal Group practices family law in the state of Oklahoma. We handle everything from adoptions to divorces. Our goal in all things legal is to make it possible for you to continue to live your life without major disruptions resulting in the legal processes you are involved in. In our last blog we reviewed the grounds for divorce as set out in the law of Oklahoma and this week we’ll cover the length of separation and no-fault divorces.

The Required Waiting Period

In most states, there is a mandatory waiting period between the filing of paperwork and the granting of a divorce. For example, in the state of Maryland, a mandatory waiting period of one full year is required except in cases of adultery or abandonment. In Oklahoma, 90 days must pass from the date of filing for a divorce for the divorce to be granted. It is also good to note here that a period of six months is required to pass before one can legally remarry in the state of Oklahoma.

Uncontested Divorces

No-fault divorces are the way to go if both parties are in agreement to end the marriage. Women & Children’s Law Center handles no-fault, or uncontested divorces. This method can save lots of money and still assures that both parties, and any children involved, receive their fair share of assets as well as child support and spousal support.

If you are about to file for divorce, or your spouse has and you need representation, call Self Legal Group. Call for a consultation.

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