4 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Divorce


According to a report from the CDC, between the years 2013 and 2017, there was an average number of 802,093 divorces and annulments throughout the United States. Even though there are thousands of couples and their divorce lawyers going through the divorce process each year, it doesn’t mean that the process is getting any less complicated or messy. While each couple and divorce is unique, some are completed smoothly and without complications, and others are tumultuous, expensive, and emotionally charged. However you believe your divorce will proceed, there are various mistakes that can be made that can further complicate the process and make things especially difficult for everyone involved.

At Self Legal Group, PLLC in Oklahoma City, we have a team of divorce lawyers who are exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced and are passionate about providing the legal services you need. After dozens of divorces, we know the ins and outs of the process, and have built solid relationships with various people to ensure we have the support we need, and we will ensure that you avoid these common mistakes.


Dividing up assets and property is one of the most contentious and emotional parts of the divorce process. The house, cars, personal belongings, items that hold sentimental value, debt, retirement funds — the list can go on. There will always be things that you feel passionate about, but refusing to compromise on things that you feel less passionate about will only hold up the process and add to the stress of the situation. To help with these situations, you may want to consider a collaborative approach, or going through mediation, so that there are unbiased parties who can help resolve issues and find a common ground that is suitable for you and your spouse.


One of the biggest struggles to a divorce is the financial implications. Failing to understand what happens when the house is sold; what happens when a former spouse passes away and child support is unavailable; not creating a post-divorce budget, failing to understand alimony and child support, taxes, retirement, and savings accounts, as well as many other factors, can make the process complicated and can have significant downsides in the long run. The financial implications of divorce could fill up an entire blog. With so much information and potential issues, you could run into, consider consulting with your divorce lawyer as well as a financial advisor who can explain various financial issues that may arise during the process and after the divorce is complete.


There are several ways couples can involve their children when going through a divorce — telling them too many details, trying to get them to side with you, asking them to relay messages, etc. It may seem innocent enough, but the court may see it as parental alienation and could harm your case. This is especially important if you’re seeking child custody. If you have questions about how to avoid involving your children in a way that could damage your case, consult with the divorce attorneys at Self Legal Group, PLLC.


There’s no doubt that you would like the divorce process to be over as quickly as possible, but this doesn’t mean you should settle after the first draft of your divorce agreement. Your divorce agreement will include details like the division of property, retirement and other investments, debt, child custody, and visitation schedules, child support, alimony, and more. It’s crucial that you thoroughly understand these details. You may want to even practice the visitation schedule for a month to see how everything works, or spend some time thinking about these decisions will impact you and your family five, 10 years down the road. We understand the desire to get the divorce over with, but when the case does involve property, children, debt, and investments, it can be a lengthy process and shouldn’t be settled before the details are ironed out.

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There are dozens of things to consider when going through a divorce, but the good news is that the team of divorce lawyers at Self Legal Group, PLLC in Oklahoma City are on your side and will fight hard for your rights. If you are considering getting a divorce, contact our attorneys today in OKC.

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