Don’t Sabotage Your Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Proceedings

Whether you have engaged the services of a divorce attorney or not, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you are well-positioned for the day your divorce comes in front of a judge.

Living through the end of a relationship and coming out the other side with your sanity and your self-esteem intact is one of the hardest things any person can go through, and no one does it lightly. But, if it must be done, it must be done well. Here are our top tips for things NOT to do before and during your divorce. Following these and any rules that your lawyer may set out for you can make a huge difference in your divorce settlement and custody of your children so take heed and follow them. 

Don’t Leave Things Out When Talking to your Lawyer

When you are talking to an Oklahoma City divorce lawyer, don’t purposely leave out important information. For example, if you are basing your divorce on adultery, but have also cheated, your lawyer needs to know that information. Tell your lawyer everything you think is important to know, and if you wonder if it is important, tell them and let them decide. It is also important that you tell your lawyer about any and all assets you have. Don’t leave out a bank account o diamond ring. Property needs to be distributed equitably and that can’t be done if all the assets are not disclosed. Furthermore, if you don’t disclose them, but they are found out, you will look dishonest and judges don’t like that. 

Don’t Move Out of the House

If you are dealing with domestic abuse, DO get to a safe place where you and the children are protected and feel safe, but if there is no domestic abuse in play, moving out of the house can be perceived as abandonment and can work against you. If you move out for your safety and the safety of any children, make sure you submit temporary custody paperwork as soon as possible because you could be charged with kidnapping.

Don’t Go on a Spending Spree

Don’t touch the money. These means don’t suddenly drain the bank account, or charge up the credit cards as a vendetta against a spouse. These types of actions will play very badly in front of a judge.

Don’t Put off Collecting Documentation

When you are sure that divorce is inevitable, start collecting information. You’ll want to know your spouse’s Social Security Number, how much they make, how much the monthly utility bills and child care costs are, and even what your individual credit ratings are.
When you are sure you are headed for a divorce the best thing you can do is speak to a lawyer to make sure your interests, and the interests of any children involved, are taken care of. Call Self Legal Group in Oklahoma City today.  

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