Divorce Services and Guidance

Divorce Services and Guidance

Sadly, as of right now, roughly half of all marriages in our country end in divorce.

If you are someone who is considering entering a period in your life where divorce is a reality, we know how difficult this process can be emotional. We are not naive to think that this time will be without stress, but we know that our divorce lawyers at the Self Legal Group, PLLC can help you through this process. We represent our clients with the utmost sense of sensitivity and honesty, and we can help you with any aspect of your divorce.

Divorces by nature are extremely detailed and emotionally orienting. We prioritize your emotional and mental health by taking care of all the minutiae and red tape so that you can focus your energies on bigger, other things. In today’s blog, we’re going to go into detail about some of the most common aspects brought up during divorce proceedings.


If you need assistance with the division of property, our divorce lawyers are well experienced in dealing with cases of asset protection. You should not have to worry about the asset division on top of the emotional stress divorce can bring, that is why we are here to help. People like to believe that the division of assets is either exactly 50/50 or someone takes it all. In reality, a number of factors are considered such as length of time married, economic contributions, and more.


If there is a child involved in a marriage, we know this can add another layer of stress to a divorce settlement. Not only will we protect your assets, but we will work to protect your children as well with top-notch child custody and visitation casework. Hopefully, protecting your child is a top priority for both parties and can be settled smoothly. The three most important factors that a judge keeps in mind when making a decision about custody of the children involved: are local state laws, physical custody (where the child will live), and legal custody (who will make responsible decisions for the child). Additionally, our divorce lawyers will help you through the complicated processes and precise definitions of visitation and receiving (or paying) child support to the custodial parent.


Alimony is usually decided by a judge who takes into consideration total income, primary earnings, and non-economical contributions to the marriage/household. Another name for alimony is spousal support and traditionally, it’s the primary earner prior to the divorce that is required to pay alimony to their former spouse. Alimony isn’t a guaranteed option for everyone, but with the help of our divorce lawyers, we’re sure to check that everything is done by the book and no one is taking advantage of an already emotionally distressing situation.


Sometimes divorce isn’t the best option. Thankfully it’s not the only option! If you are looking for legal counsel on obtaining a legal separation instead of a divorce, our divorce lawyers can help! It is our job to protect you in your marriage, but ultimately, it’s up to you to define how you’d like the protection to be provided. If you feel that divorce is not right for you and your family, we can still help legally protect you through the process.

Not sure which would be best for you? Or where to even begin? That’s totally understandable too. Call now for a fifteen-minute consultation and get your questions answered!

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