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The Medical Marijuana Industry is still in its infancy in Oklahoma. What is happening currently is what I like to call a race to the bottom in regard to pricing and quality. Many "Get Rich Quick" folks who found willing investors are now floundering and many are going out of business. Many would be marijuana tycoons haveĀ no idea how to run or scale an industrial grow and now many investors are mad that they are losing money. Dispensary owners feeling the urge to make buckets of cash opened up shops without researching their location or customer base. Oklahoma didn't help by a hands off approach which resulted in a robust black market for illegal medical marijuana.

As a result we are seeing an increase in clients who want to file a lawsuit for one reason or another. We have experience in both the business side and regulatory side of the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. If you are thinking of starting a marijuana business remember that it is a business and as such you must run it like a business. Additionally, you will have the added complexity of operating in a highly regulated area where it is all to easy to make a critical mistake. Don't fall prey to those who claim that they are the best weed growers on the planet and that people will flock to them and pay 3 times the going rate for their weed. These individuals all too often have grown a few plants in their mom's basement and have no clue on how to grow at scale or run a business. Do your due diligence, prepare a business plan and hire experts to help you. You may spend more up front but your chanceĀ of success in the long term will rise dramatically. If your in it to get rich quick then you may want to reconsider.

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