How To Know if It’s Time for a Divorce

Broken Heart

A happy marriage is hard work. Unfortunately, a marriage cannot always sustain itself based upon love alone. Healthy partnerships require effort, boundaries, and effective communication if they are to succeed. If you’re found yourself Googling divorce lawyers, this may be a sign that your marriage has run its course. However, before you decide that there is no hope for your marriage, please consider the following.


Intimacy comes in many forms, and all of them are important for a successful marriage. You must be emotionally vulnerable with each other, or the connection may fizzle out. Even small acts of intimacy, like hand holding or cuddling, are telltale signs of your romantic relationship’s strength. When these aspects are missing, it may be time to discuss divorce.


This may just be perceived; however, if your partner is not making the effort to show you that they respect you, consistently, then it may be time to pull the plug. There could be a simple misunderstanding that can be remedied, but there also may be larger problems at play. Communicate your feelings with your partner, and if they are not responsive, consider divorce.


While this may seem obvious, many people stay with their partners even after they’ve caught them cheating. There are years of emotional attachment between you and your spouse. Many people’s initial reaction is to see it through, and hope the other party “changes.” However, it’s important to not force yourself to suffer based on “history” alone. If your partner has cheated, it’s probably time to consider divorce.


There are zero excuses for domestic abuse to occur in any partnership. Many people assume that only those who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction can be the perpetrator or victim of domestic abuse. This is false; all domestic partnerships are, unfortunately, susceptible, and it’s crucial to get out of these situations immediately. If you or someone you know is facing domestic abuse, our divorce lawyers are here to help.

While you want to do your best to save your marriage, it’s important that you don’t keep you or your partner in a situation that is undesirable for longer than is necessary. Of course, factors like children can contribute to the time that you spend with your partner. This is where divorce lawyers come in. Divorce lawyers, like Self Legal Group, can help ease the emotional distress that comes with divorce and ensure that you reach an agreement quickly. If you feel that you’re ready to start filing, call us today at (405) 451-3534.

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