Do I Need an Adoption Attorney?

Adoption Attorney

If you’re looking into adopting a child, you know there’s a lot to consider. In the state of Oklahoma, the entire adoption process can take up to five years, and it can be a confusing and highly stressful experience. Frequently, those who want to enrich their lives and the life of a child opt to utilize the services of an adoption attorney. But what are the advantages?


First, an adoption lawyer will be knowledgeable about state-specific adoption laws and will be able to offer guidance depending on the situation you’re faced with. They will be able to assist with a stepparent or grandparent adoption, private or foster adoption, and same-sex couples looking to adopt. Part of their training is familiarity with various adoption agencies and the necessary legal paperwork that must be filed.

They will be able to correctly prepare you for any hearings that might take place during the process. Plus, they will be able to protect and represent you if any complications arise, such as the birth parents trying to extort you or changing their minds. Most importantly, adoption attorneys can offer clarity and peace of mind. The adoption process is frequently stressful and emotions can run high. But with the right legal counsel, you’ll be guided by someone who can remain level-headed throughout and can help you if any setbacks occur.

Ultimately, the end result will be the growth of your family. While it’s likely to be a long journey, it’s one that’s worth doing, particularly with the right guide.

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