How To Effectively Plan Your Estate

Effectively Plan Your Estate

Estate planning is an essential tool in building a great life for you and your family.

Sometimes these sorts of planning strategies are not on our minds until the last possible moment, usually when life tends to hit the fan, but luckily Self Legal Group, PLLC is here to help! We specialize in all sorts of estate planning options to ensure you and your family make the best possible choice.

Let’s review some of the estate planning options we have our professional estate planning attorneys can offer you here at Self Legal Group, PLLC.


If you have not constructed a will yet, we encourage you to make an appointment to do so with one of our estate planning attorneys. Our attorneys will be able to handle your assets and estate with great care so that when you are gone it is one less thing your loved ones will have to worry about. Gone are the days when you could write down “This is my will: give it all to my wife” on a napkin and have it hold up. Today, even the simplest of wills may seem complicated. Our attorneys are ready to help you or other family members by establishing a legal will.


No matter how old you are, you probably have assets you feel are worth protecting. Remember how high of a value you placed on your gum wrapper collection as a child? Regardless of how young your family is or established your career maybe, we can help you keep and protect your assets. You may still feel too young for a will, however, the only thing that can ever be expected is the unexpected. As you know, life can sometimes throw you a curveball, and it is better to have your wealth protected. In talking to our real estate attorneys, you can learn about the several different methods of wealth preservation and how to manage your savings and your family’s inheritances.


We love when our clients are inclined toward charity! If you are interested in leaving behind a sum of money for a charity or another organization, we can help plan the route you should take and what would be the right amount to put in your will.


While preserving your wealth and donating to a charity of your choice are popular types of trusts, they are not the only options. There are also options to skip generations, retain annuities, and even instructions for what to do with the money considering the death of previous spouses. The difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts is confusing and challenging. Thankfully our estate planning attorneys are here to help!


We’ve all heard the old saying, “Death does not discriminate” but the same holds true for medical illnesses. A part of advance care planning or an advance medical directive that people are most familiar with medical power of attorney, which is a document that establishes who would make decisions for you if something were to happen and you were no longer to make decisions for yourself. This is most commonly used for older, confused people who need help making medical decisions even though they technically still have all their facilities. The difference between these and a living will be the ability to make medical decisions on your behalf, something not allowed under the statutes of a living will.


Remember that we are a family law office that specializes in estate planning. Our firm has hired experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to ensure our clients get the best possible help. Call today for a fifteen-minute consultation today!

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