Save a Child’s Life: Adoption


Do you live in the state of Oklahoma? Looking to change your life, as well as the lives of others? Adoption can do that. Whether you are new to adoption or have adopted before, Self Legal Group can help.

Adoption Statistics: Foster Care

There are 397,122 children living in the United States in the foster care system. This means that thousands of children do not have permanent homes. Foster care does not provide a stable environment for a child to grow and thrive. Statistics show that children in foster care environments do not perform as well in school, have lower IQ’s, and are more likely to need therapy later on in life. On average, 32% of foster children stay in the foster care system for three years before being adopted.

Making the Choice to Adopt

Choosing to adopt is a big step. There is a multitude of reasons why people chose to adopt, each individual adoption has a unique story. You have the power to change a child’s life, and the lawyers at Self Legal Group in Oklahoma City are here to help! There are two options when choosing to adopt including embryo adoption and adolescent adoption. The difference between the two is pretty significant, but both allow a life to thrive. Adolescent adoption is the type that you typically think of when hearing the word adoption. This is when a child has already been born and established as a human being. Children ready for adoption age from newborn to eighteen. Embryo adoption is when you choose to adopt, but want to feel like a mother by giving birth to the adopted child. Just as with adolescent adoption, with embryo adoption you can adopt a child of any ethnicity. After a medical history and testing are provided, the mother can have the adopted embryo transferred into her uterus. The woman is then saving a life while also getting to experience the joy of pregnancy.

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